Clean, Renewable Energy

WindTurbineEngineerClean energy paves a better path forward for Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s dependence on fossil fuels for energy producion drains our economy and creates harmful air and water pollution. Every year, we send more than $12 billion out of state to purchase dirty fossil fuels and imported electricity.

With today’s innovative technologies and Wisconsin’s abundance of natural resources, we can create new jobs and clean our environment by producing clean, renewable energy right here at home.

Wisconsin voters want a better path forward. Recent bipartisan polling demonstrates that nearly nine out of ten Wisconsin voters support increasing our use of wind and solar energy, and four out of five support requiring 30 percent of our state’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources. Additionally, 89 percent of voters say they’re willing to pay more to promote clean energy and energy efficiency.

By transitioning toward clean energy, Wisconsin can keep billions of dollars flowing within its economy, create thousands of new jobs and pave a path toward cleaner air and water.