Endorsement: Anne Woznicki for State Assembly

August 16, 2010

MADISON — On behalf of its thousands of members, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly announced its endorsement of Anne Woznicki for the 36th Assembly District today.

“Anne Woznicki understands that supporting clean energy is a way to grow jobs and our economy, as well as cleaning up and protecting our state’s beautiful, bountiful waters,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “On the heels of a Legislative session when much environmental legislation was dismissed or stagnated, Woznicki would bring a welcome voice on energy to our state Assembly.”

Residing in Northern Wisconsin where tourism and logging are strong economic drivers, Woznicki knows the important interplay of our natural environment and local economies firsthand. She also understands the need to transition to clean, renewable energy. Woznicki looks forward to using Wisconsin’s abundance of natural resource to capture clean energy opportunities to protect Wisconsin’s environment and create jobs.

“The 36th Assembly District is a prime area to create jobs in clean energy, and constituents want a leader who will take them in that direction,” said Goyke. “Woznicki understands that a clean environment and natural resources protection go hand-in-hand with a strong economy.”