Endorsement: Rep. Andy Jorgensen for Assembly

July 19, 2012

Amber Meyer Smith, Program Director, 608.251.7020 ext. 16, 608.347.6026 (cell)
Gary Goyke, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund Board Chair, 608.219.5237

MADISON —On behalf of its thousands of members across the state, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly announced its endorsement of Andy Jorgensen for the 43rd Assembly District today.

“Coming off a legislative session where many environmental protections were weakened or eliminated, electing leaders who will stand up for clean air and water is more important than ever,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “With a proven track-record of protecting Wisconsin’s environment, Rep. Andy Jorgensen is a leader we can trust to stand up for the health of our families and get our state back on the right track.”

As the former Chair of the Renewable Energy and Rural Affairs Committee, Rep. Jorgensen demonstrated a keen interest in how renewable energy can play a role in the economic development of rural communities. Specifically, he supported the development of manure digesters, which help clean our environment and increase economic opportunities for farmers by turning manure into clean, renewable energy.

“Rep. Jorgensen is a person that grew up on a dairy farm and knows there can be a connection between agriculture and keeping the environment clean,” said Goyke. “Every year Wisconsin sends over $12 billion out of state to purchase dirty fossil fuels. Rep. Jorgensen supports policies that will help us produce clean energy right here at home, leaving money in the pockets of farmers and creating jobs across the state.”

A recent poll conducted by a bipartisan research team found strong support for renewable energy projects in Wisconsin with 84 percent of Wisconsin voters saying they support requiring 30 percent of our electricity to come from renewable sources.

In addition to supporting renewable energy, Rep. Jorgensen is committed to ensuring Wisconsin’s drinking water remains safe and our lakes, rivers and streams remain fishable and swimmable.

“Wisconsin voters want to move forward with clean energy, and ensure our waters remain safe and enjoyable for all to enjoy,” said Goyke. “A vote for Rep. Andy Jorgensen is a vote for clean energy, clean air and clean water.”