Endorsement: Rep. Bob Turner for State Assembly

August 16, 2010

MADISON — On behalf of its thousands of members, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly announced its endorsement of Rep. Bob Turner for the 61st Assembly District.

“Representative Turner is a strong leader who understands the importance of protecting Wisconsin’s beautiful environment and investing in clean, renewable energy,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “The policies that Representative Turner supports will help create clean energy jobs and promote energy independence in Wisconsin.”

Turner’s record in the Assembly demonstrates his strong commitment to protecting Wisconsin’s environment. Most notably, Turner supported the Great Lakes Compact, a historic agreement between eight states and two Canadian provinces that protects Great Lakes water by ensuring it cannot be sold to the highest bidder.

“The constituents in the 61st Assembly District live on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan and want leaders who will advocate for Great Lakes protections,” said Goyke. “Representative Turner’s commitment to restoring and protecting the Great Lakes will help ensure Lake Michigan water is clean and plentiful for generations to come.”

Elected in 1990, Turner has two decades of experience serving in the Wisconsin State Assembly. He is running in the Democratic primary to be held on September 14th.

“Representative Turner’s strong record of legislative experience and commitment to Wisconsin’s environment are a winning combination,” said Goyke. “A vote for Bob Turner is a vote to protect the Great Lakes and move Wisconsin forward with clean, renewable energy.”