Endorsement: Rep. Donna Seidel for Senate

May 7, 2012

Amber Meyer Smith, Program Director, 608.251.7020 ext. 16, 608.347.6026 (cell)
Mark Redsten, Board Member, 608.251.7020 ext. 12

MADISON — On behalf of its thousands of members across the state, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly announced its endorsement of Representative Donna Seidel for Senate today.

“During her tenure in the state legislature, Rep. Seidel has built an impressive record of protecting Wisconsin’s beautiful natural resources,” said Mark Redsten, board member of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “We can count on Rep. Seidel to protect Wisconsin’s clean air and clean water.”

During her time in the State Assembly, Seidel has demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and streams. She voted to clean up phosphorus pollution in fertilizer and dishwashing detergent – phosphorus is the primary culprit responsible for causing smelly, unsightly algae blooms.

“Being surrounded by beautiful waters, the residents in the 29th Senate District know first-hand the importance of protecting Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and streams,” said Redsten. “Rep. Seidel is a proven leader who will fight to restore and protect waterways throughout Wisconsin.”

During the most recent legislative session, Rep. Seidel helped lead the charge to restore the state recycling program after Gov. Scott Walker proposed eliminating the popular program during the contentious budget battle. Polling from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows that 90 percent of Wisconsin residents support the recycling ethic.

“In the last two years, Wisconsin’s leaders have drastically rolled back environmental protections, leaving our health and our natural resources at risk,” said Redsten. “Rep. Seidel is the type of leader we need to reverse this dangerous trend and restore Wisconsin’s status as an environmental leader.”