Endorsement: Tom Barrett for Governor

May 16, 2012

Amber Meyer Smith, Program Director, 608.251.7020 ext. 16, 608.347.6026 (cell)
Mark Redsten, Board Member, 608.251.7020 ext. 12

MADISON — On behalf of its thousands of members across the state, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund proudly announced its endorsement of Tom Barrett for Governor today.

“In the last two years, we have seen an unprecedented attack on natural resources, with Gov. Walker and legislative leaders working to eliminate a long list of common-sense environmental protections,” said Mark Redsten, board member of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “Tom Barrett is the type of leader we need to reverse this trend and restore Wisconsin’s status as an environmental leader.”

Barrett has a long history of working to protect Wisconsin’s beautiful lakes, rivers and streams. He fought passionately to help pass the Great Lakes Compact, a historic agreement that protects the water in the Great Lakes. Since the passage of the Compact, he has turned his attention to stopping the spread of Asian Carp and other invasive species and improving water quality through efforts including green infrastructure projects. During his term as Mayor, Milwaukee was named an international hub of water technology by the United Nations.

“Tom Barrett understands the vital importance of clean water to Wisconsin’s culture and our economy,” said Redsten. “Water is one of Wisconsin’s most valuable resources, and we can trust that it will be protected when Tom Barrett becomes governor.”

As Mayor of Milwaukee, Barrett helped transform the Menomonee Valley from a massive Brownfield site into a thriving commercial center that is home to clean energy companies like Helios USA, a manufacturer of solar panels, and Ingeteam, a wind turbine manufacturer.

“Whereas Gov. Scott Walker has tried to create jobs at the expense of our natural resources, Tom Barrett has proven that we can create good-paying jobs by investing in clean energy technologies that actually improve the quality of the air we breathe and water we drink,” said Redsten. “It’s time for a change in Wisconsin. It’s time for Tom Barrett.”